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Mobile Accessories Wholesale

Make your Phone complete – Mobile Accessories Wholesale.

Nowadays the usage of mobile phones has increased so much that every person we see owns a mobile phone. Due to the sudden increase in demand for mobile phones the mobile phone accessories are also in high demand. These mobile phone accessories are also available at local mobile accessories shops if because of the pandemic going out and reaching the mobile accessories store near you is not preferred then you can shop by mobile accessories shopping online, as there are plenty of brands and quality available without leaving your home.

Mobile Accessories Wholesale

Mobile phones are incomplete without mobile accessories, they help to use the phone more efficiently. Just think about having a mobile phone without a charger or an external battery, or traveling without a headset. 

There are plenty and, various kinds of mobile accessories in the market, depending upon the amount you want to spend mobile accessories can range from inexpensive to expensive based on the product quality, brand, material used, customer demand, special effects, or jewels used. Some markets purchase the products in bulk and sell them to the public or the retailer, to find them near you search for wholesale mobile accessories near me, or to buy selective and hand-picked mobile accessories search for mobile accessories shop near me.

Mobile Adapters at wholesale prices

One of the most essential out of all mobile phone accessories that usually come with the mobile phone, but as frequently mobile adapter is used there are high chances of getting it damaged. It’s so important because the adapter plays a key role in recharging the mobile phone. Because of the mobile nature of phones nowadays, you easily plug it in the source of power supply and connect the one end to the mobile phone for recharging. The adapter is shell-shaped, consists of a power transformer ,and a rectifier to convert alternate current into direct current. Comes in different power ranges, prices, colors, quality, and compatibility with mobile phones. Buy before taken sells mobile adapters at best prices as well as other wholesale mobile accessories.

Data Cables the most needed.

If you switch mobile phones you know the struggle. Mobile phones contain a lot of data. Which can be personal information, documents from office work, pictures, videos, audio, contact, social media information, and many more. Those things are priceless to you. So transferring the data from one mobile to other or share the data with someone needs data cables as a mobile phone accessory. If you have an older version Android phone.

  • They use micro-USB cables, which have a small connector and helps the manufacturers produce thin and slimmer devices than usual. But micro-USB cables are now getting outdated. This particular mobile accessory is used in Bluetooth speakers, smartwatch charging stands, wireless earphones, etc. for charging.
  • USB-C is known as the king of the hill. It’s the new technology cable. All new electronics generally use USB-C as it offers fast charging and data transfer option comparative to micro-USB. But the best thing is it’s reversible as it works either way. i.e. plugin up or down also. Used in external Hard Disk drives as well as computers to transfer data and USB tethering. These cables are also used to charge mobile phones from computers or laptops. They have lightweight, are easy to carry, and do not take more space therefore can easily transport anywhere with ease.

Phone Case protects your mobile.

To protect mobile phone’s exterior as they are likely to fall accidentally which may lead to breakages or damage the phone permanently. Nowadays sending a phone for repair is not cheap and neither buying a new one. So a phone case can help save your money, time, decrease the damage that an accident may cause. And intake the phone’s exterior making it look new out of the box. Phone cases also enhance the look of the mobile phone available in different designs, colors, textures, materials.

  • These factors are responsible for the different price ranges in phone cases as the inexpensive once the skin is made from silicon that helps in protecting the back of the mobile phone and when not in use, if trending design, fabric, or jewels are the reason for a high price. 
  • Customized phone cases according to personal taste are also available in the market but have high prices that that the ones you get normally in the market. To know about more options shop from mobile accessories online.
  • There are many types of phone cases available in the market, here is a list of some:
  • Leather case
  • Fitted case
  • Pouches and sleeves
  • Bumpers
  • Drop and shock protection.
  • Screen protection and body films
  • Shells
  • Skins
  • Holsters

Enjoy the music – Bluetooth Speakers

 Entertainment is the main purpose of Bluetooth speakers. If you like loud music and want to stream the music from another device then Bluetooth speakers are the best mobile accessories that you can have. It works with a wide range of electronic devices also, from Apple iPhone to Android smartphones every device is compatible to work with this Bluetooth wireless technology. 

  • It’s an easy and simple cable-free connection and convenient just like a cell phone or laptop. Compact and power supply by a battery which makes Bluetooth speakers portable. The quality of sound is much better with excellent clarity as compared to the speakers on the mobile phone.
  • Water-proof speakers, for a pool day or a beach day Bluetooth speakers are best.
  • A rechargeable battery having plenty of power, so do not worry about power.
  • Pocket-friendly, less pricey as compared to Wi-Fi speakers or ordinary non- battery-powered speakers.
  • Simple to connect and listen to music from your playlist without the need to connect mobile phones with a physical cord or wire to the speakers. All you need is to turn on Bluetooth from the mobile and speaker and let them sync.
  • Have near-field communication (NFC) technology which makes seamless communication between devices.

Increase storage with Mass Storage Device 

 The most usable mobile accessory is storage devices like hard drives, SD cards, USB Flash drives, pen drives, etc. When we talk about smartphones they have SD card slots which are used to transfer data files device to another and increase the storage capacity of the mobile phone. The storage device stores information and data that are temporary as well as permanent as per your need.

  • USB OTG (on-the-go) feature helps to connect a pen drive to the mobile phone. This mobile phone accessories increase the storage of the mobile phone. And use to watch external content like photos, movies, videos on the mobile phone screen.
  • Flash Drives are used for storing data, transferring, and for backup. Have small in size, is faster, and has more capacity than floppy disks or CDs.
  • The mass storage device avoids running out of the internal storage of mobile phones.

Extend battery – Power Bank

An important mobile accessory that a smartphone user needs to have is a portable charger or power bank. They are popular and extend the phone’s battery to some days and more depending on the power it has. There are many power bank varieties available on market to back up your phone. Always remember to have a power bank that has 2 or more USB ports. And should at least be 10000 mAh. 

They are pocket-friendly. Never let your cell phone die. And even without a network, GPS works that can help in downloading maps in an emergency. One can never make a mistake going out without a portable USB power bank.

Before buying an ideal power bank as a mobile accessory keep this in mind:

  • Types of Power Banks available in the market.
  • Battery capacity, how much mAh of the power bank you need. 
  • Charging ports available, and which charging port your mobile works with.
  • Battery quality, lithium-polymer batteries are pricey than lithium-Ion batteries.

Travel with a Phone holder.

Nowadays navigation is the most useful feature in 4G smartphones. However, we sometimes struggle with holding the mobile phones in the right way to use navigation. Whereas driving and navigation simultaneously is not the right thing to do. And relying on the other passenger to hold the phone is trouble. So a good phone holder is an essential mobile accessory for any vehicle that does not have a built-in navigation system. The car mount is useful in making simple calls, get navigation assistance, and use the phone’s voice assistance easily while concentration on the road.

  • Buy a good quality car mount from mobile accessories shop near you or buy it online by mobile accessories online. Online mobile accessories are available on Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart. 
  • You can also buy a magnetic phone holder. Which have a stronghold and locate anywhere in the car. Have a super sturdy body and have unbeatable strength that will not drop the mobile phone in any case. Provides portrait as well as landscape views, that charging cable get attach while using.

Find your smartphone using Anti-Lost devices

Anti-loss devices can easily locate a smartphone via GPS and Bluetooth. It can have any shape or size depending upon your taste.

  • You just need to get the app from the App store. Launch the app and switch on all the alerts from your mobile phone.
  • Sync the mobile phone to the Anti-lost device, by switching on the Bluetooth.
  • Once the mobile phone and the anti-lost device is in the Bluetooth range the device can send notification and alerts to the user.
  • It can also show you, how far away you are from the device.
  • By entering the selfie function button you can click photographs remotely using Bluetooth.
  • If the phone or anti-lost device goes out of range, it will make an audible alert on either device.
  • Last seen tracking function, the pin drops in the map where it lost the connection.

Headphones, headsets, and earbuds what do we call them?

Using an earpiece for listening to music is a way of living. They usually have an output unit that produces audio and a microphone. They provide the same functions as a telephone but have hand-free operations.

Used in call centers, offices, telephone-related jobs, customer services. They are convenient to use while doing house chores or any work when both hands are busy.

They have different ranges depending on the shape, size, connection type, and so on. Various types of headphones are categorized below:

  • On-ear – they site directly on the top of ears. It is easy to add batteries because of the leftover space in on-ear headphones.
  • Over-ear – they have a multi-driver system. Provide accurate frequency and have dynamic variety. Are comfortable for the ears.
  • Earbuds, In-ear monitors, and IEMs- they go with plenty of names. They are the most affordable. Easy to carry and need less space. They can be wired or wire-free.
  • True wireless- they are the smallest of all available in the market.  Extremely portable and rest in your ear.
  • Gaming Headset- for casual and professional gamers. Have LEDs attached to them. Makes it easy to locate where the sound is coming from. They are usually over-ear headphones with a mic. They can be Bluetooth enable gaming headsets.

Protect your mobile screen with Screen Protector

Screen protector makes lives easier. It helps safeguard the screen from damage, smudges, fingerprints, and scratches.  Consider as most popular and useful mobile accessories. They are available in a wide range depending upon quality, durability, style and finishing.

Feature including Screen Protector:

  • Anti-glare
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Air-bubble proof
  • Anti-scratch
  • Dust repellent
  • Matte finish

These screen protectors not only protect the screen but also save our eyes from the harmful rays produced by the mobile. Therefore they protect our eyes.

The Conclusion

The article contains clubbed information about the various types of mobile phone accessories that are available in the market. Here we have put together a list of must-have mobile accessories that every mobile holder should have. These mobile phone accessories not only make our mobile phones look beautiful but also useful for many purposes.

You can find mobile accessories wholesale market near you and mobile accessories shops around. But you need to investigate and search for the quality and range of mobile accessories. Wish you find the article useful and interesting.